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Recently I joined Wakoopa after a friend I trust showed me his profile, and I thought it was neat.  Wakoopa is a social network designed around software.  It features a tracking client that can be installed and it monitors the programs  you use and keeps track of your statistics.  I was surprised to find that there was a Linux client!

On Wakoopa you can review software, look at recommendations, see what your friends are using, and view statistics on the software you and your friends use.

There is a points based system on Wakoopa, the more you use the software and are active in the community by writing reviews and sharing screenshots the higher your software level shows. Below is my current software level.

Software tracking

Here are some of my current information.

Software trackingSoftware trackingSoftware tracking


Hughesnet, I hate you but then I love you!

Satellite itnernet just plain sucks, there’s literally nothing good about it, until you realize its better than dialup.   Its bad enough that we have a 475mb download limit a day which I have to continuously monitor if I don’t want speeds like dialup.  But this is the single greatest thing about Hughesnet, after 2AM the speeds increase dramatically and anything downloaded between 2AM and 7AM doesn’t count against my daily bandwidth.

Here is a test done slightly before 2AM:
Before 2AM

And After 2AM:
After 2AM


This test was done with pretty much the same open programs and tabs on my internet browser.

It’s been a while…

In a attempt to become a better writing I’m going to try and get into this blogging thing again.  I’m going to try to be slightly more professional about it this time.  Some of the topics I plan on covering in this blog are general technology, linux, music and my own personal hobby photography!

… So stay tuned folks.  I’m gonna try and cook up something good.

Fried Egg in a Frying Pan